EdJIT Online & Mobile Staff Training


VSG has formed an exclusive partnership with the EdJIT mobile content delivery platform to provide customized, mobile-first, continuous education to all or select employees directly onto their mobile devices, laptops, or PC’s. Not only will your employees have access to the latest courses on up-to-the-minute security protocols, the rapid content creation features of the EdJIT platform allow VSG staff to create custom training modules right down to the individual facility in real time. Training and emergency courses include nuances and vulnerabilities distinctive to a particular building that employees need to be aware of in emergency situations. These details are presented to staff through creative and easy to follow modules, including drone and point-of-view videos which make emergency protocol implementation very simple. Drone video footage also assists in identifying and displaying unique dangers and terrain features surrounding facilities that staff should be aware of. Emergency protocol modules include items such as safe rooms, doors & windows, locks, exits, terrain, utilities, etc. that vary from building to building. These can be combined with simplified instructions, taken from a company’s or school’s all-hazards plan, that employees can easily access and follow in an emergency. Nowhere in the marketplace does such real-time, customized intelligence exist in conjunction with expert, reliable security consulting services.

Security is the responsibility of everyone within a company or school, and VSG equips all personnel with the tools needed to identify, report, and monitor any threat that may exist within a facility. This ongoing instructional tool helps ensure that companies or schools not only reduce their vulnerabilities, but it uniquely enables them to instruct their personnel, sustain security best practices, and most importantly, change their culture to include security measures as part of everyone’s responsibility.